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Working Out What To Put In Your B&B Email Newsletter

1. Know Your Guests Really Well

The secret of success for any marketing campaign is to know who you are talking to, what they want from your product and service and how you can best go about meeting their needs.Once you know the customer you can write great copy, which looks like you have been reading your mind. The same is true for a B&B and for writing your B&B newsletter. Once you know what your B&B guest wants from a stay in your area and what they want from your B&B you can write a newsletter that has them wondering why they ever considered staying anywhere else.

So when you have guests to stay you need to be running an ongoing research campaign. Find out what it is your guests like about your B&B, what they like about the area, what they are doing whilst they are staying with you. Do they like to walk? How long do they walk for? What are the best walks they’ve done? Are they looking for dog friendly walks? Do they prefer walks with a pub? Are they fair weather walkers? If so what do they do when the weather is poor?

2. Identify What Will Make Them Come Back To Stay With You

Many guests will visit a B&B because they want to visit a particular area. Once they have ticked that area off their list of things to do, they feel they have done it all and there’s no need for them return.

It is the job of your newsletter to show them there is so much more to do than they first imagined. Tell them about all of the things they missed on their first visit. If they came in spring – look at all the things they could be doing in the Autumn. Describe the wonderful things that are happening in the current season – lambs in the field next door in spring, mellow mists and autumn colours, clear crisp walking days in winter, chilling out in the hammock with a cold beer in the summer.

3. Make It Easy For Your Guests

My experience of B&B guests is that they like to be given suggestions for things to do. So put together some itineraries, some suggestions for day trips. Give them some ideas about distances and travelling times, suggest places to eat on the way. Combine days out – we have a Kite Feeding station 45 minuted from us and it’s perfect combined with a drive round the beautiful Elan Valley, a short walk, then tea in the local town.

4. Tell Then What’s New

Your guests may have loved your B&B but there may have been one little thing that has stopped the going back. Maybe it was that you did not have WiFi access which you have now installed. Or you have put in freeview tv in the rooms. Let your guests know what improvements and changes you have made – you may be surprised at who returns!

5. Keep Them Updated About Local Events

Many guests like to do something different when they’re away, so make sure your guests are kept informed about all of the latest Events. Tell them about craft or produce fayres, food festivals, carnivals, local guided walks.