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I love to have the smell of fresh baked bread in the morning for my guests but don’t want to get up early to make it, so I prove my bread overnight in the fridge. Giving the bread a long prove also makes it more digestible. You can leave it for several days in the fridge. This is a no knead white loaf from James Morton’s Brilliant Bread book. The basic recipe is flour, yeast, salt and water but I also add olive oil and honey. The King Arthur’s website is a great resource for baking. I baked this one from cold using the Dutch oven method described here blog.kingarthurflour.com/2017/07/05/baking-in-a-cold-dutch-oven/ See MoreSee Less

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More great Website Tips from Anna Wilde at Perfect Arc Ltd 

Top Ten Tips for your B&B website!

1)     You need a website – even one page with the following:

a.      Photos – plenty of them including at least one photograph of the outside of the building.

b.      Contact details

c.      Location – where you are with a map

d.      Background info (if you must)

e.      Tariff

f.       Its own domain name (eg www.mylovelybedandbreakfast.co.uk)

2)     You can only guarantee they’ll look at your home page so make sure your whole message is on there – briefly! – with links to further info

3)     Don’t make site visitors work to find stuff or play a guessing game with the navigation – it should be consistent throughout and use idiot buttons (big boxes with obvious links!) to direct people to where you want them to look

4)     Keep it short! If you have a lot to say – more than a smallish page – consider a short extract with a downloadable document containing the extra information.

5)     Gather people’s email addresses via an online form so that you can contact them with an email newsletter at a future point – cheap, quick and easy to do, it keeps people informed as to site updates, news etc

6)     Site statistics are very useful to see who is visiting the site and what they are doing when they get there. If your web hosting doesn’t provide stats, consider using Statcounter (www.statcounter.com) or Google Analytics (www.google.com/analytics/)

7)     Print the website address on every leaflet or flyer you give out so your visitors can have it in front of them

8)     Don’t expect to see yourself in Google for a while, if at all and consider Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) marketing

9)     Take off things which are out of date – mark them in your diary to remind you to do so. Nothing looks worse than out of date stuff!

10)Your website is never finished! Add some more pages when you can and make sure that you can change the content of all the pages – sometimes called content management. Or if you are computer illiterate – face the fact and pay someone else to do it!


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